• This Bro Got Ticketed For Driving While Eating a Hamburger

    If you’ve ever attempted to get behind the wheel with a Double Whooper in hand, let this be a cautionary tale to you.

    A Georgia man named Madison Turner was slapped with a ticket for “Eating While Driving” after a brief trip to the local drive-thru for some tasty fast food. He was written up for violating Georgia’s Distracted Driving law, when a policeman caught him committing the edible offense for several minutes.

    The officer explained to me that he observed me eating a burger for two miles,” Madison explained. “He said specifically three times, “You can’t just go down the road eating a hamburger.'”

    So, has Turner had time to reflect on his horrible misdeed? “Maybe I was enjoying the burger too much,” he later told Channel 2.

    If Madison does ever decide to eat behind the wheel again, perhaps he should consult the Hamburglar for some tips on the all-important getaway. The members of Mac Sabbath can probably share some important advice as well.

    Check out some more details of this shocking crime in the clip above.


    Matt Fox

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