• CLASSY: Here’s Z-Big Z-Blasting Away at Murdered Cartoonists

    You can always count on certain voices to blame the victim when Islamic terrorists strike at the heart of liberty. Zbigniew Brzezinski is one of those voices.

    In perhaps the most blatant display of love for the Prophet Muhammad we’ve heard yet, the father of one of MSNBC’s resident air-heads named Mika took to Morning Joe to argue that the Charlie Hebdo cartoonists who were murdered in France this week were responsible for their own demise.

    We have to take a look more closely at the nature of so-called satire,” said Jimmy Carter’s former National Security Adviser. “I’ve been told by some people that some of the cartoons are absolutely appalling and directed at the prophet himself. Is that really humor?


    Luckily, Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic set Z-Big Z-straight.

    Take a look at the exchange above.

    Matt Fox

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