• Doctor On Scene Describes Carnage Of Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack

    Gérald Kierzec is a doctor who was on duty at a nearby hotel. He was one of the first to arrive at the headquarters of Charlie Hebdo after today’s deadly terrorist attack, which he described as akin to war zone and said the weapons used by the Islamic killers were meant to inflict maximum trauma:

    We were near Charlie Hebdo on a call when I heard ‘plan red’ on the emergency service radio. We rushed to the scene as this is the signal for an incident with lots of victims.

    I could see this was a military-style attack. There was a first body lying in the lobby. Then I took the stairs which were covered in blood. When I got to the second floor, there were bodies lying one on top of another.

    It was carnage with war wounds. There was blood everywhere. These were Kalashnikov injuries with huge bullets that create huge trauma in the victims’ faces and chests. They literally explode. As a civilian doctor who deals with car accidents and the like, I have never seen anything like it in my career, so many wounded by gunfire. This was clearly a terror strike.

    A total of 12 people were murdered when at least two gunmen carried out the brutal assault. According to the New York Times, one cartoonist present in the building said that the killers “spoke fluent French and had said they were part of Al Qaeda.”

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