• Dutch Man Storms TV Studio With A Fake Gun, Gets Destroyed By Police

    A guy with a gun thought it was a good idea to storm into a Dutch TV station today and demand to be put on the air. The evening news segment got interesting at the NOS studio when a suit-clad, pistol-toting gunman ran inside the building shouting that he wanted 10 minutes of airtime.

    “The things that are going to be said, those are very large world affairs. We were hired by the security service,” the gunman yelled as he walked around the building in search of a live news feed.

    It didn’t take long for Dutch police to show up and take him down.

    Naturally, the live broadcast was taken off-air as the news breakers became the headline. When the news segment came back on the air, the station showed footage of the gunman running through the building,  shouting his demands.

    NOS shared a letter the gunman had shoved into his pocket. Here’s what was in that letter.

    The man who penetrated the NOS building had a letter with him. It says that there are eight heavy explosives were placed in the country, containing radioactive material.

    He also writes that he is not acting alone and heavily armed. He says that there are five plus 98 hackers who are ready for a cyber attack.

    The man warned in the letter that the outside is monitored or the live broadcast can be viewed throughout the Netherlands. If the broadcast is disturbed then they will proceed to action.

    Later this evening, Dutch police conformed that the gun used in today’s incident was a fake.

    Watch the thrilling video above.

    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

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