• Former Charlie Hebdo Writer Blasts Self-Censoring Media As MSNBC Blurs Mohammed Drawing

    During an interview Wednesday on MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Daily, Caroline Fourest, a former writer for Charlie Hebdo, called American media outlets “crazy” for refusing to show the satirical magazine’s cartoons.

    It is “the saddest news I’ve heard in all of this,” Fourest said as MSNBC blurred out actual an Charlie Hebdo cover depicting a picture of the “Prophet” Mohammed.

    “We were just all so completely disappointed, actually, by the fact that no American newspaper wanted to just show a cartoon so innocent.” And “I’m sure if the people can see the cartoons for why my colleagues have been shot, they would not believe it. They would not believe it. It’s a cartoon where Mohammed is laughing,” Fourest said.

    Then Fourest held up a Charlie Hebdo cartoon. “Like this one,” she says, “that I know because we are in America, you’re probably going to blur it, [MSNBC blurs the picture] which is just crazy.”

    Indeed, many major media outlets in America have chickened out of showing the satirical magazine’s illustrations.

    National Public Radio (NPR), The New York Times, FOX News, CNN, and MSNBC have all given one reason or another as to why they won’t run the drawings that mock Islam.

    However, a Canadian newspaper, Journal de Montreal has printed a draw-your-own-Mohammed “connect the dots” issue.

    Via Breitbart.com:

    The Journal de hntreal printed an editorial cartoon Tuesday under the heading: “Des caricatures de Mahomet dans le prochain Charlie Hebdo” (“the Muhammad cartoons in the next Charlie Hebdo). A half-finished drawing of Muhammad follows, with 32 dots that the reader is invited to connect, in implicit solidarity with the victims of last week’s terror attack: “Vous joindrez votre crayon aux leurs” (“You will join your pencil with theirs”).




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