• Former NYPD Cop Taunts “Black Brunch NYC” With This Gun-Toting Selfie

    Trolling level: Grandmaster

    John Cardillo was the first to report the anti-de Blasio banners soaring over NYC.

    Now the former NYPD cop is absolutely mocking the “Black Brunch NYC” agitators with this gun-toting selfie posted to Twitter that had the following message:

    “I’m really enjoying these Eggs Benedict so move along now. #BlackBrunchNYC.”


    As Surge noted, the “Black Brunch NYC” movement is the latest form of pestering the anti-police crowd has undertook.

    It goes something like this: New Yorkers attempting to enjoy a leisurely meal at a restaurant of their choice are interrupted by protestors who storm what they deem are “white spaces”, in this case ‘brunch spots’, with their fists in the air shouting names of people who were allegedly killed by police.

    “Brunch is symbolic for people of leisure and White Privilege,” according to the demonstrators. “We’re not violent, but militant: we’re going to hold these spaces.”

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