• French Muslim Students Snub The Moment Of Silence For Charlie Hebdo Attack

    According to NPR:

     “French President Francois Hollande ordered flags at half-staff following the assault on Wednesday carried out by suspected Islamist extremists. . . Crowds stood silently in public spaces, schools and office buildings, pelted by a cold rain. Some held signs that read “Je suis Charlie,” or “I am Charlie,” which has quickly emerged as a succinct rallying cry and hashtag for those opposed to the violence. Many in France and around the world see it as a direct assault on freedom of expression.”

    The photo below shows staff of the General Secretary of the Elysee Palace Jean-Pierre Jouyet, joining in observance of France’s minute of silence on last Thursday.


    But not all of France’s citizenry showed the same solidarity and deference for those killed in last week’s attack.

    “I’m already getting reports from people in France that some schools in those strongly Muslim neighborhoods, the kids didn’t stand for the minute’s silence,” said BBC reporter Katty Kay on MSNBC’s Morning Joe on Monday. “They see those attackers as heroes. How do we change that? Because that’s where the problem for Europe lies.”

    CNN’s Christiane Amanpour reported that these school-aged children have already been so radicalized they can’t even muster sympathy for innocent people who’ve been slaughtered by radical Muslims.


    The Muslim reaction around the world was mixed, at best.

    Kay insists that the various Muslim-dominated Parisian suburbs must be “detoxified.”

    Jerome Hudson

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