• GET A LIFE: Code Pink Idiots Arrested Outside Dick Cheney’s Home

    It’s now 2015. Dick Cheney hasn’t been in government since 2009.

    And yet a handful of agitators this weekend (pictured above) involved with the anti-war group Code Pink trespassed on the former vice president’s residence in Northern Virginia to stage a protest against “torture.”

    Reports Jessica Chasmar at The Washington Times:

    The protesters were inside Mr. Cheney’s fenced property when police arrived, “and the homeowners said they were not allowed to be there,” said Fairfax County police spokesman Roger Henriquez, a local Fox affiliate reported. “Police asked them to leave or face trespassing charges.”

    Again, it’s 2015.

    Not only did the Obama administration ban (wrongly) the use of enhanced interrogation against Islamic radicals, but Dick Cheney has no more decision-making power, either way, regarding concerns over national security; he’s a civilian like the rest of us.

    Two members of the group, Tighe Barry, age 57, and Eve Tetaz, age 83, where eventually arrested for refusing to leave private property.

    Before showing up uninvited at Mr. Cheney’s home, the Code Pink misfits reportedly took their antics to the home of CIA Director John Brennan.

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