• Great News: Obamacare Will Cost $50,000 Per Person

    It turns out that free healthcare isn’t so “free” after all.

    We’re talking about a price tag somewhere near $50,000 for each uninsured person who enrolls in Obamacare — courtesy of taxpayers, of course.

    But that’s not even the kicker.

    The Congressional Budget Office reported that over the next 10 years the Unaffordable Care At will clock in at a whopping $1.9 trillion, which is a trillion dollars higher than Barry’s original claim that healthcare overhaul would barely cost $900 billion over that same period.

    Oh, and the expected revenue to be generated from the taxes and fees related to Obamacare will not even scratch $700 billion.

    The Congressional Budget Office also stated that for that hefty price of $1.3 trillion (net cost), the country will see around “24 million and 27 million” additional people with health coverage.

    Which is where you get the $50,000 per head number.

    That still would leave roughly 30 million people without health insurance, however.

    Because that’s how DC politicians roll — the central planners treat America like she’s their own personal checkerboard, making grandiose promises with every move, and you and I are left holding the bill when those promises never live up to the initial hype.

    As one writer noted, it would’ve been a helluva lot cheaper and less burdensome just to write each uninsured person a government check to buy health coverage on his own:

    A mid-range quality health care plan through most employers – including the employer contribution – can be had for roughly $5,400 per year. That works out to a little less than 150 billion dollars to just buy all of those people a health plan under the old system and the insurers would have been thrilled. The crippled, complicated government web site could have been stripped down to just ask how much you make each year and, based on that, issue you a voucher for a health insurance plan from a company that covers your area. We wouldn’t have liked it, but it would have come in at one heck of a cheaper rate and the debate would be over.


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