• Harry Reid Already Lost His Mind, Now He May Lose An Eye

    During a an interview Friday with Nevada Public Radio affiliate KNPR, Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) said his recent accident while exercising at his home, causing broken bones around his eye and three broken ribs, is worse than doctors had first assumed.

    Turns out, Reid may suffer permanent vision loss in his right eye (still no word yet on possible brain damage).

    Reid has already lost some vision in his right eye, but said his doctors are “very hopeful” it will return soon, ABC News reports.

    During the radio interview with KNPR, Reid finally opened up about how he sustained his injuries. During the course of his regular exercise regimen of “250 push-ups” (YEAH RIGHT) and “some yoga type stuff,” Reid says something went wrong.

    “The band broke, and it catapulted me backwards onto one side,” Reid said. “I crashed into a series of cabinets we have and, fortunately, it missed my temple by just a little tiny bit and it hit me on my right eye and it broke a number of bones around my eye and broke four ribs.”

    “I don’t know how many people out there can sit down and do 250 push ups,” adding “No one has questioned my physical ability.”


    Senator Reid also wanted to make it clear that his  impaired state won’t stop him from returning to Congress and continuing his crusade of self-enrichment at the expense of the American taxpayer.

    “I’ve been set back a little bit, but I’m in the process of getting set up for the next go around,” he said.

    Speaking of going around. Perhaps Reid’s face smashing into the ground has something to do with karma?

    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

    Jerome Hudson has written for numerous national outlets, including The Hill, National Review, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was recognized as one of Florida’s emerging stars, having been included in the list “25 Under 30: Florida’s Rising Young Political Class.” Hudson is a Savannah, Ga. native who currently resides in Florida.

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