• Meet American Sniper Nicholas Irving, ‘The Reaper’

    Folks who belong to the extremist left-wing in America are going crazy because the nation is rejecting their timid surrender to America’s enemies. Americans are registering their votes through their attendance at the box office. “American Sniper,” has trounced the competition for the second straight weekend.  The movie has taken in OVER $200 million dollars and counting. That total blows away the other offerings from liberal-dominated Hollywood.

    Meanwhile, as the movie soars in popularity and money, liberals are becoming more unhinged. From Seth Rogan to Michael Moore, from Bill Maher to Howard Dean, the assault on Chris Kyle’s life, legacy and his survivors escalates courtesy of the Democrat’s biggest supporters and patrons.

    Over the weekend, the Chris Salcedo Show talked with Nicholas Irving, “The Reaper.” He, like Kyle, put his life on the line to protect other American heroes as they fought radicalized Islamic fundamentalists overseas.

    Cue to 21:05 to hear from an American hero in the amazing clip above.

    Chris Salcedo

    “Chris Salcedo is the “Liberty Loving Latino” heard and seen on The Blaze Radio and TV Network. He has over 20 years of experience in news and political analysis. Chris is the author of "Liberty Rises" and serves as the executive director of the Conservative Hispanic Society.

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