• Here’s The Best Response To Obama’s ‘State Of The Union’ Address

    After six years of force-feeding the country a panoply of failed government programs, racking up over $7 trillion in debt, managing a sharp decline in the labor force participation, erasing the economic opportunity of Millennials, penning love letters to Iran, refusing to call Islamic terrorism what it is, redistributing our hard-earned money to connected cronies, and pitting Americans against each other along the strata of race and class — a line by line rebuttal of Obama’s grandiose promises (universal childcare!) and erroneous claims (Obamacare’s a success!) during his State of the Union address doesn’t seem as satisfying.

    Not because a riposte isn’t in order or even possible (that will come), but because at some point you just gotta call out Obama’s drivel for what it is:

    Everything that guy just said is bullsh*t. Thank You.

    Courtesy of Joe Pesci in the 1992 film “My Cousin Vinny”

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