• Keystone is Cleared for Takeoff … and Team Obama Can’t Explain Why They’re Stalling

    All systems go for the Keystone Pipeline…or not. A Nebraska court has now cleared the path, yet the Obama administration is still stalling.

    From the Grand Forks Herald:

    The Nebraska Supreme Court on Friday approved the route for the controversial Keystone XL oil pipeline, reversing a lower court that had blocked the proposal and clearing the way for a U.S. State Department ruling on the plan.

    The court said it was divided and could not reach a substantive decision, leaving in place legislation that favored TransCanada Corp and its claim to build a crude oil pipeline across the state.

    “(B)ecause there are not five judges of this court voting on the constitutionality of (the legislation), the legislation must stand by default,” the court said in its ruling.

    The court’s decision allows the U.S. State Department to decide whether the pipeline meant to carry Canadian oil sands fuel would be in the national interest, a necessary step for the cross-border energy project.

    The key here is that it’s now in the State Department’s lap. Yet State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki can’t seem to offer a singular substantive argument regarding the continued delay.

    Watch Psaki spar with Matt Lee of The Associated Press in the clip above. “No Drama Obama” and his representatives seem to be creating a world of problems for themselves.

    In related news, it’s 2015. Would you ever have predicted Jen Psaki would outlast so many other members of this administration?


    Matt Fox

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