• Look Ma, No Hands! Woman Steals Cop Car While HANDCUFFED

    A woman allegedly led police on an incredible high-speed chase in Pennsylvania Thursday after stealing a cop car and driving over 100 mph for almost 10 miles, stealing a second car and running from seven different police departments — all with her hands behind her back.

    “With her back turned and her hands cuffed behind her back, she manages to put it in gear and drive. And from what we can gather, she drove at very high speeds with that position somehow manipulating the gears and steering the wheel,” Center Township Police Chief Barry Kramer told WPXI.

    Wait let’s back up. How did all this start?

    A security guard at Kohls suspected Roxanne Rimer of shoplifting, WPXI reports. When the guard tried to stop her, she ran to her grandfather’s car and told them to step on it. When they wouldn’t help her escape, she pushed on the gas and drove the car over a hill.

    Police then arrested Rimer, cuffed her hands behind her back and put her in the back of a police car. Police aren’t sure how she did it, but Rimer allegedly squeezed through the barrier between the front and back seat, put the police cruiser in gear and sped off.

    She drove for 10 miles, ramming cars and topping 120 miles an hour as seven police departments got involved, the New York Daily News reports.

    Rimer allegedly ditched the cop car and stole a Jeep Liberty only to later ditch the jeep to run on foot. Her backwards joy ride finally came to an end when police caught her on foot.

    Rimer had a criminal record and warrants out for her arrest, the Times reports.

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