• Meet Michele: Former Drug Dealer, Ex-Con, And Conservative

    Well this is certainly a message you will not hear from the Grievance Industry. And that’s exactly why we’re highlighting it. As you’ll see in the story below or video above, Michele’s unfortunate upbringing, which was completely out of her control, could’ve left her feeling bitter, angry, and victimized. She exhibits none of those traits:

    Meet Michele. She’s a 40-year old black female, two kids deep, a former drug dealer, ex-con, and conservative.

    Michele is a strong woman, the result of being on her own since she was nine.

    Yes, you read that right.

    Michele’s mother was a drug addicted prostitute and her step-father (term used loosely) was her mother’s pimp and a coke dealer. Michele’s mother walked away from her at the hospital, a situation that landed Michele in foster care.

    “Many nights I have stayed up wishing for her death and his. Days would go by and I wasn’t fed because I cried or said no.”

    Michele’s mother eventually died of AIDS. Before she died however, she sold Michele to a new “dad” for drugs. Sure, slavery for blacks is over, right?

    When the new “dad” wasn’t doing to Michele what pedophiles euphemistically call “loving her,” he was using her for a punching bag.

    Michele’s “new dad” died on her ninth birthday. I’d like to think that God gave Michele that present.

    “They both got what they deserved,” Michele mused as she related her story to me.

    A dead body, but a place to say, Michele stayed with her “dad’s” dead body for two weeks, only leaving as the stench became unbearable. She had his coke and a game plan. She never looked back.

    Read the rest of Michelle’s story at The Black Sphere and watch the video above where she speaks of turning her life around. Her message is one of empowerment, not of victimization. 


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