• Michael Moore Now Invoking Jesus Christ To Trash Chris Kyle

    The Crisco-sweating filmmaker is now hiding behind Jesus of Nazareth in another cowardly attempt on Twitter to impugn Chris Kyle and other U.S. snipers who served in Iraq.

    Yes, Michael Moore invoked JC himself!

    “American Sniper,” the film about the exploits of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, considered the most deadly sniper in U.S. military history, continues to rock the box office. And mockumentary filmmaker Michael Moore continues to lob idle shots at the film and at Kyle, who was murdered in 2013, four years after receiving an honorable discharge from the military.

    Moore’s latest campaign against the film and its heroic protagonist is presented in a series of tweets that purport to answer the question of what Jesus would do with respect to snipers (h/t Weasel Zippers). An appeal to Christianity is generally a last recourse for diehard liberals, who as a rule are contemptuous of every organized religion except for Islam, but Moore appears desperate.

    In the final tweet in the series, Moore explains that he is the real hero because he tried to prevent George W. Bush from sending U.S. troops to Iraq.


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