• NBC Reporter: Even Muslims Use the Term “Muslim Extremism,” You Know

    He probably didn’t mean to do it, but NBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin just destroyed the Obama administration’s narrative about “Muslim extremism” not being responsible for the Charlie Hebdo attack last week.

    They’ve definitely used the word extremism, radicalism. Those are not words that are taboo to use in the Arab world,” Mohyeldin explained.

    That’s in stark contrast to the message emanating from the Obama White House, with Press Secretary Josh Earnest doing all sorts of verbal gymnastics this week to attempt to explain why radical Islam isn’t to blame for the massacre in Paris.

    If what Mohyeldin is reporting is true, then it’s a sad state of affairs that the Muslim community is actually more honest about their problems with radicals than the American president is. On the other hand, Ayman would probably say just about anything to protect the Muslim community, and he has done just that in the past. If that means throwing his beloved president under the bus, well then, an NBC reporter’s gotta do what an NBC reporter’s gotta do.

    Watch the remarks in the video above.

    Matt Fox

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