• It Never Ends: Anti-Police Protestors Now Targeting ‘White’ Brunch Spots

    If the ability to pester Americans could be graded on an examination, the herd of anti-police demonstrators we’re seeing would get straight As.


    Surge already highlighted the misfits who decided to crash joyful New Year’s Eve celebrations across the country with vacuous chants and “die-ins” in their quest to demonize police departments nationwide as raaaaaaaaaaacist.

    Now these same individuals have graduated their “Black Lives Matter” folly to “Black Brunch NYC.”

    It goes something like this: New Yorkers attempting to enjoy a leisurely meal at a restaurant of their choice are interrupted by protestors who storm what they deem are “white spaces”, in this case brunch spots, with their fists in the air shouting names of people who were allegedly killed by police.

    Of course, the context of those killings are noticeably left out.

    An astute observer would like to know which of those people read off such a list were attempting to wrestle away a police officer’s firearm (Michael Brown, Ferguson) or decided to resist arrest after multiple directives from law enforcement to go with them peacefully (Eric Garner, Staten Island)?

    But context or facts or wisdom are not truths that this crowd grasps. Instead they give us this:

    If nothing else but to confirm their ignorance, those participating in “Black Brunch NYC” argue that their provocation is in the spirit of the Civil Rights Movement.

    “What were sit in in the 60s but disrupting business as usual?” an organizer wrote under the Twitter handle @BlackBrunchNYC. “Then and now we can’t let people ignore an unjust system.”

    The protestors also “punctuated” their reading with chants of “ashe,” which, according to the Washington Post, is a West Africa word that means “amen.”

    Bottom line: If you’re planning on having brunch in the Big Apple anytime soon and you’re in a neighborhood that anti-police loons have designated as intolerably “white,” there’s a good chance you’ll have uninvited guests:


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