• New Government Radar Can SEE INSIDE Your Home

    New technology secretly employed by government agencies around the country allows federal agents to see inside your home.

    At least 50 U.S. government agencies have began using radars that allow them to “see” inside your house, USA Today reports. Agencies began using the technology two years ago with no notification to the public about their use until the story broke Tuesday.

    The radars work like something from a spy movie.

    “RANGE-R detects even the slightest movements, including those of normal human breathing, with a probability of detection (Pd) greater than 95 percent, while maintaining a false alarm rate (FAR) of less than 5 percent,” a brochure for the radar states. “With an effective range of up to 50 feet, the system can “see” through walls, floors and ceilings constructed of reinforced concrete, cement block, wood, brick, adobe, glass and other common non-metallic construction materials.”

    The radar can fit in your hand, runs on batteries and weighs only a pound.  The brochure goes on to specifically say that police can see where people are in a building, though not what they look like.

    The Supreme Court has ruled that using a radar to see inside a home without a warrant would be unconstitutional. The first cases questioning the application of this ruling are now beginning to come before lower courts.

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