• New Mexico Republicans Are Pushing Hard For Right-To-Work Legislation With New Majority

    Republican lawmakers in New Mexico have proposed a right-to-work bill on Monday, the second such bill to be proposed in the last month.

    The bill, if passed into law, would prohibit union membership as a condition of employment in the state, reports The Associated Press. The bill is similar to one proposed by state Sen. Sander Rue back in late December. However, Rue’s bill would only apply to private sector unions in the state, while the newest proposal would apply to both public and private unions.

    “We have to compete with other states” Rue told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “We have to be able to create jobs in the private sector.”

    “Businesses, their job is to pick the most job friendly state” Rue said. “They don’t owe us any favors.”

    Rue was also optimistic that his bill would get support from the governor who has supported right-to-work legislation in the past. The senator also believes he will be able to gain support in the state House, “For the first time in sixty years, the House has a Republican majority.”

    Rue does expect his bill to be challenged, “There’s going to be plenty of opposition to this… Unions will stand against it.”

    There is no word yet on whether Rue will support the other right-to-work bill that will go further than his by including public sector unions. Even so, both pieces of legislation are likely to face significant opposition in the state Senate which is still a majority Democrat.

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