• New Year’s Resolution: Support Our Troops . . . Personally

    So, how many New Years Resolutions have you kept or just flat-out decided aren’t worth the effort dealing with?  I suggest taking up a new resolution, one that will support those who need it the most—our troops.

    It’s easy to remember our troops on the holidays.  It seems every medium from new media to old media is blasting you with messages to get those holiday care packages together for those who protect our freedom.  As noble as that is, it’s those in-between times that those in uniform need our support the most.  It’s up to the citizenry to provide support.  Some are fortunate enough to have family that support and communicate with them.  Some have family but very little support from them of their service.  Some have no family–biological or otherwise.

    There are plenty of ways you can help in send your care and appreciation.  There’s the standard Way of the Checkbook to support such standard troop support organizations like the USO and Wounded Warrior Project, which are all well and good and definitely can use the funds. But with the Obama administration’s obvious hostility towards our military, the VA scandal and the alarming number of military members feeling suicide is a viable option, one of the best ways to support our military is when individual American citizens personally reach out to show our appreciation.  Two of those ways is by letters and care packages.

    Organizations such as Any Soldier and Soldier’s Angels can provide you with addresses for contacting military members stationed overseas.  While both are great, I personally prefer Any Soldier because of their origin of supporting those military members lacking support from home and you can pick what branch of the military you’d like to choose a soldier/marine/airman to correspond with.  I’ve used both sites to get addresses for sending letters and care packages so it all boils down to your personal preference.  Some military members will let you know specifically what they need while others will just give you a general idea.

    Now I could go into a section here about how to address your letters, what to send and what not to send but that’s been done to death.  All you need to know is: 1) where to get flat-rate shipping and restriction information from the USPS for APO/FPO mail, 2) practically what to send and what not to send in a care package, and 3) the warm and fuzzy idea of what to send after you read and memorize #2.

    Make one of your resolutions to support our troops throughout the year in whatever way you can.   It may not seem like much to you but on your next Target run, consider picking up a Thank You card or a stash of snacks to send to our military. Let them know someone cares and appreciates their service and sacrifice.

    Trish Williams

    Trish Williams is a former engineering major, who resides in Philadelphia. Trish is an avid reader, advocate for STEM education in schools, and a firearms enthusiast. She hopes to relocate to the coastal South for warmer weather and conservative political surroundings.

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