• Obama Films Anti-Drilling PSA Aboard Air Force One

    There’s clueless, and then there’s CLUELESS.

    This particular instance probably falls into the latter.

    The central planners at the White House decided that now is a good time for Barry to try and curtail oil exploration in ANWR, the Arctic National Wildlife Reserve in Alaska, by designating swaths of that area as “wilderness.”

    So they released the above video:

    The video, which shows Obama aboard Air Force One, is interspersed with scenes of arctic animals and wildlife landscapes, reports National Public Radio (NPR). It’s all part of Obama’s ANWR (Arctic National Wildlife Refuge) newly proposed plan to ban roads, permanent structures, vehicles, drilling, and mining on 12.28 million acres in ANWR.

    But here’s the thing. Barry filmed this anti-drilling PSA while aboard Air Force One, an aircraft that can hold up to 53,611 gallons of fossil-fuel burning gasoline.

    Air Force One doesn’t run on Obama’s hot air, after all.

    Even if the irony isn’t lost on the White House, it’s not like the stenographers in the media would ever call them on it.

    The hypocrisy of most environmental zealots barely gets a mention.

    Like “Happy” musician Pharrell Williams.

    As Surge previously reported, the rapper and producer has teamed up with Al Gore to promote ‘climate change’ awareness through a series of concerts called “Live Earth,” which will take place on June 18th across six continents.

    But Pharrell probably isn’t the best global warming warrior, considering his propensity to zip around the planet on his private jet and rap about the tales of luxury travel as well.

    Hell, 1,700 private jets recently descended on Davos, Switzerland at the World Economic Forum to discuss ways to deal with this supposedly great threat of climate change.

    Let that one sink in.

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