• Police Respond To TV Noise Complaint By Going WAY Overboard

    Scottish police in riot gear held siege to an apartment for more than eight hours and eventually arrested all four residents after a neighbor complained their TV was too loud.

    ‘There was everything outside my front door apart from a helicopter — over 10 police cars and about four ambulances,” a neighbor and aunt of one of the arrested residents, Mildred Gibson, told the Daily Mail. “The police even had big Alsatian dogs with them, it was ridiculous.”

    A Police Scotland spokesperson told the Daily Mail police were forced to “escalate” their response because the four people inside the apartment “refused to interact” with the officers. They arrived on the scene around 1:30 a.m. Monday, but no one left the apartment until around 6:30 a.m.

    They did not allow Young’s mother, Brenda Young, to enter the apartment and try to convince her son and the others to leave. “I told the police I had a key and I would have the four of them out within two minutes,” she told the Daily Mail. “But they wouldn’t let me go near for ‘safety reasons.'”

    By about 10 a.m. Tuesday police had arrested Liam Young, 26, Kirsty Taylor, 18, Ryan Kenneth Douglas, 22, and Carla Ann Gruar, 17, on charges of threatening or abusive behavior. Police also confiscated the widescreen TV and other electronics, witnesses told the Daily Mail.

    Taylor got a reaction on Facebook when she posted a photo of the police in riot gear outside the apartment.

    “This is shocking like!” Kirsty Brand wrote. “Even wasting an ambulance on you lot. It would be a shame if someone really needed one and couldn’t get it cause it was sat doing f***all waiting on all yous grow up.”

    Authorities eventually secured the property and boarded up the door.

    ‘The police are right to investigate a noise complaint, of course, but this does appear to be a remarkably heavy-handed and expensive response,” a spokesperson for a Scottish taxpayer group told the Daily Mail. “You’d think the Force would have better things to do with its time.”

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