• Pollution Pimp Pharrell Williams Wants To Fight Climate Change

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    Al Gore is teaming up with rapper and producer Pharrell Williams to promote ‘climate change’ awareness through a series of concerts called “Live Earth,” which will take place on June 18th across six continents.

    The concerts will help “build support for a U.N. climate pact in Paris among more than 190 nations in December,” ABC reports.

    The announcement was made at the World Economic Forum on Wednesday where Pharrell said he wants “to have a billion voices with one message–to demand climate action now.”

    But perhaps Pharrell is one of the worst people to carry the banner of a better environment.

    I wouldn’t dare begrudge Pharrell’s blockbuster success. But the dude is a huge hypocrite.

    Right now he’s in Davos at the World Economic Forum to discuss ways to combat climate change. But when he’s not fighting to decrease your carbon footprint, Pharrell is flying across the planet on his private jet, sailing the seas on fossil fuel-burning yachts, and driving around in his pollution pumping luxury cars.

    Private planes are Pharrell’s preferred mode of travel.

    Here he is getting off of his private jet at Manchester Airport:


    And here are six more pics of Pharrell that completely invalidate him from lecturing the rest of us about our carbon footprint.

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