• Richard Engel: America’s Response to 9/11 Was Really “Draconian”

    Do you think America went a bit overboard in its rhetoric following the 3,000 citizens who were killed in coordinated terrorist attacks on September 11th? Apparently, Richard Engel thinks so.

    The NBC reporter appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today to report the latest on France’s response to the savage murder of Charlie Hebdo cartoonists. During that update, he praised the French for essentially learning a lesson from something Engel obviously believes was a huge American mistake.

    You don’t hear those same kind of draconian statements coming out of French officials that ‘Today we will never be the same,’ ‘Our life has to be different,’ ‘Our civil liberties have to be compromised,'” Engel said. “Perhaps they learned some lessons. A lot has changed between 9/11 and today in France.”

    You heard that right; the NBC chief foreign correspondent wasn’t even referring to President Bush’s “Wanted: Dead or Alive” remarks as you might have assumed. Nope, he thinks ‘Today we will never be the same‘ is a “draconian” statement. If that’s “draconian,” then Dick Cheney must represent a regular “Bill the Butcher” to ole’ Richard.

    Watch Engel’s comments in the clip above.

    Matt Fox

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