• THE HAMBURGLAR: Man Ticketed For Trying To Enjoy Delicious Burger

    An Alabama man ran into trouble with the law last week for eating while driving.

    Georgia police pulled over Madison Turner for driving while eating a McDonald’s hamburger outside Atlanta last week, WSBTV reports. Police called it distracted driving and slapped him with a ticket.

    “Maybe I was enjoying the burger too much I needed to tone it down,” Madison told WSBTV. “I was certainly willing to do so but I didn’t expect to be fined or punished.”

    The officer watched the man eat a double quarter pounder with cheese for two miles, New York Daily News reports.

    “Maybe if you had a giant pizza in both hands and you weren’t holding the wheel or maybe if you had a watermelon, half watermelon and you were just diving into it holding it with both hands, maybe that would be something,” William Head, a local lawyer not representing Madison, told WSBTV.

    Head said eating and driving normally only comes into play when there is an accident. Madison has a court date Feb. 3.

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