• USA Today Publishes Op-Ed From Imam Defending Paris Massacre

    And in doing so, the editorial board of USA Today provided a service to civilized people.

    Long have leftists fostered the radical notion of multiculturalism — that all cultures are of equal status and that to pronounce judgements on the validity or morality of a particular cultural practice was an exercise in hegemony and ethnocentrism (or whatever the academic buzzwords are today).

    But as the massacre at the offices of Charlie Hebdo reminds us, not all cultures are created equal. In fact, there are some which are morally repugnant and should be expunged from polite society.

    Like Islamism.

    Enter Anjem Choudary, an imam in London, who justifies the terrorist attack in Paris because, in his words, “the Messenger Muhammad said, ‘Whoever insults a Prophet kill him.’ ” Choudary, perhaps unintentionally, confirms what defenders of Western Civilization have been saying: Multiculturalism and Western Values cannot coexist. They eventually lead to clashes like this:

    Muslims consider the honor of the Prophet Muhammad to be dearer to them than that of their parents or even themselves. To defend it is considered to be an obligation upon them. The strict punishment if found guilty of this crime under sharia (Islamic law) is capital punishment implementable by an Islamic State. This is because the Messenger Muhammad said, “Whoever insults a Prophet kill him.”

    Choudary also wrote that “Muslims do not believe in the concept of freedom of expression.” He noted that what happened at Charlie Hebno should come as no surprise because the “potential consequences of insulting the Messenger Muhammad are known to Muslims and non-Muslims alike.”

    We think someone at MSNBC should read Choudary’s article to Howard Dean, who yesterday argued that it was erroneous to use the phrase “Muslim terrorist” because Islam does not condone the use of violence on non-believers.

    Here’s Choudary on Fox News with Sean Hannity last night further justifying his Islamic fascism:

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