• Well, Well: Al Sharpton’s Board Of Directors Lacks ‘Diversity’

    Al Sharpton is throwing one of his expected, completely unfounded, racially-driven temper tantrums. And this time it is The Academy Awards on the receiving end. It is a mortal sin, in Sharpton’s eyes, that there weren’t any black actors or directors nominated for an Oscar this year.

    Thus, Sharpton has convened an emergency “diversity task force” to decide whether or not his group, the National Action Network, will organize a protest.

    Part of us hopes he does organize a boycott and maybe a march or two against the Academy, not because we agree with Sharpton on principle, but because the American Left has rewarded and promoted that degenerate’s antics for so long that it’s time liberals also shared in the misery they helped create.

    We can’t help but wonder, though, if Al Sharpton’s “diversity task force” will be as multi-racial as his National Action Network, which features, well, no diversity at all.

    al sharpton board

    That’s NAN’s board of directors.

    Can you spot an Asian or Latino or White person?

    Neither can we.

    The national staff doesn’t fare much better on the “diversity” barometer either, if you want to go here and check it out.

    So perhaps included on the agenda for this emergency race meeting can be the homogeneity of Sharpton’s own group? You know, in the name of “diversity.” After all, NAN says it is dedicated to the civil rights “for all people” regardless of “race, religion, nationality or gender.”

    Al Sharpton Lied, Asian Representation Died! 

    Cheryl Isaac Burke, the Academy’s black female president, by the way, doesn’t see a problem with the list of all-white nominees, especially considering that “Selma” was nominated for best picture.

    When asked if “diversity” was an issue, her response was straight forward:

    “No, not at all.”

    We tend to agree with Ms. Burke.

    There is not a pernicious force in Hollywood intentionally snubbing blacks from receiving Oscar recognition. But that doesn’t mean the irony, er, hypocrisy of Hollywood’s practices shouldn’t be put under the spotlight when it comes to espousing the liberal mantra of diversity.

    As Jason Mattera pointed out in the New York Times bestseller Hollywood Hypocrites:

    It can be hilarious to listen to Hollywood elite and the dependably liberal media try to explain the lack of diversity found within the entertainment industry. If you listen to them long enough, before too long you will think you are at a rally for meritocracy and free markets, because inevitably that’s the route their arguments take.

    And there’s the rub.

    Hollywood will lecture the rest of us on the moral imperative to embrace racial preferences and affirmative action under the banner of diversity, and yet they are caught flatfooted when Al Sharpton comes menacing at their door waving that very same banner.

    The good news for Hollywood is that Al Sharpton is easily bought off.

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