• A School Is Teaching Students That Republicans Think The Poor Are ‘A Waste Of Money’

    A mother in Wisconsin has complained to Fox News about a school assignment her son received that describes Republicans as opposing aid to the poor because it is a “waste of money.”

    Heather Bronnson’s son is a junior at Nathan Hale High School in West Allis, Wis., and she says he came across the statement in a class on government and politics. An in-class worksheet gave students a series of political statements and asked them to describe the statement as “Communist,” “Liberal/Democratic,” “Moderate,” “Conservative/Republican,” or “Fascist.” For instance, “We are all workers, we should all be equal” is described as Communist.

    One of the statements, “We should not help the poor, it’s a waste of money,” was intended to be a typical Republican position.

    The mother told Fox that she was appalled by the association.

    “I don’t know any political party that espouses not helping the poor,” she said. “I was shocked and then I was very angry.”

    She said she has complained to the school but not received any response. She said she published the quiz online to encourage parents to pay more attention to what their children are being told in school.

    “If a 16-year-old believes that a Republican or conservative doesn’t believe in helping the poor, they may view themselves as liberals at a young age … and incorrectly,” she told EAGNews.org.

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