• Al Sharpton Hit With $20 Billion Lawsuit For Racial Discrimination

    If you thought you were hallucinating when you read this heading, don’t worry, I thought I was too when I read a report from the Hollywood Reporter that Comcast and Al Sharpton are being sued for $20 billion for allegedly discriminating against black-owned media.

    The complaint was filed Friday in California from the National Association of African-American Owned Media and it alleges that Comcast has made large cash donations to Al Sharpton and his National Action Network in order to obtain his approval for the Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger and divert attention away from apparent discriminatory practices of Comcast.

    According the lawsuit, Sharpton and his group have received roughly $3.8 million in salary and donations to “buy” his endorsement for the merger. Comcast has also allowed Sharpton to keep his television show despite laughably low ratings.

    Basically Al’s being called a sellout.

    Sharpton has denied the allegations and called the lawsuit “frivolous.” He also defended his TV show, saying that it is the highest rated of any 6 pm broadcast in the history of the network (MSNBC), even though his show perpetually loses to Fox News (of course) and CNN.

    You can view the full lawsuit here.

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

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