• Assimilate or Leave

    One of the lessons learned by the French government from the deadly Islamic terrorist attack in Paris was that using Political Correctness was a failure.  The government didn’t require the Muslims to assimilate into the language, culture, laws of France; they just let them go their own way and build a separate country. The French government admitting that, hindsight being in 20/20, Political Correctness was a mistake in how to treat the Muslims. They now openly admit that things have gotten out of hand and they don’t know how to reverse things; they don’t want to offend the Muslim population by making changes that assimilates them into France.

    France has a sizable Muslim population, about 5.8 million out of 61 million French people. The recent terrorists events in Paris would help you understand why the government might be afraid to rock the boat. The fear of an armed reprisal has to be on their minds. They also know that if nothing is done the Muslim population will continue to grow and slowly change the culture of France to that of a Muslim country.

    We in America are even more naïve than the leadership thinking in France. People say, America will never turn into France, America will never be a Muslim country.  You must understand that a takeover of a country doesn’t happen all at once; it evolves over a long period of time. As the Muslim population grows they ask more of the government and then when they think the time is right they start demanding from the government. The “No Go” zones, in many Western European nations, are an example of ever-increasing Muslim pressure to control the nation. We must never forget that radical Islam believes that Islam must rule the world. The problem is already significant in America.

    In France, the “No Go” zones are fracturing the land into France and the new Muslin Country. As more and more land is converted to “No Go” zones the sooner the takeover will be complete.  FBI Director James Comey recently said in a speech in Mississippi that his department is diligent every day to the threats against the United States by ISIL.  Director Comey said, “We have Muslims in every state.”  America has 6.6 million Muslims and the population is growing rapidly. Based on a Pew research study of the attitudes of American Muslims, 26% of those responding said that suicide bombings can be justified.  The 26% equates to 300,000 people living in America think suicide bombings can be justified. Will the 300,000 become bombers? Hard to believe, but look at what happened in Paris where 4 people closed down the city, think what 10,000 radical Islamic Terrorist could do to America? We have a problem and we must address it now.

    I believe we have to be more diligent about what this Muslim population is doing in America. If we do not require assimilation into the American culture we could soon go the way of France. This requirement for assimilation must be required not only of Muslims but any foreign national entering America.

    Recently it came to my attention that America has its first Sharia court. It is located outside of Dallas, in Irving Texas. The court will initially handle civil cases not criminal ones, but that is I believe just a start. One of the judges was asked if there is a conflict between Sharia Law and American law, which will govern?  His reply was Sharia. I think this is a terrible mistake. Setting up a separate court system for one nationality degrades our own justice system and sets up an opportunity for Muslims to gain more power. Will the next step be setting up “No Go” zones in the United States? So how do we as a nation protect ourselves?

    First, we must in force the law by sending Director Comey, FBI and Homeland Security agents into the Muslim communities and inform them, no courts and no segregated communities with formal boundaries. Immigrants of all nationalities will have their passports and visas checked. If any including Muslims are found without visas then they will be jailed and deported. We must keep an active database of who is in the country and how long can they stay. If their time is up and they have received citizenship or a legal extension they will be arrested and deported. Individuals who espouse separation from the language, laws and culture of the United States will be arrested and deported.

    The bottom line is, if we want to keep America the home of the free, all immigrants must “Assimilate or Leave”. We must not start down the path of Political Correctness in the treatment of immigrants for if we do we will be like France and other countries of the world, we will lose our history and culture.

    Dan Perkins

    Dan Perkins is a novelist who has written a trilogy on a terrorist attack against the United States. The Brotherhood of the Red Nile series is available at Amazon.com. Mr. Perkins book web site is www.danperkins.guru.

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