• Biden Urges Dems To Run On Obama’s Record In 2016

    Vice President Joe Biden urged Democrats Thursday to run on Obama’s record in 2016.

    “In my view, those seeking to lead the nation should protect and defend and run, yes run, on what we’ve done and own what we have done,” Biden said in a speech in Iowa, reported The Washington Times. “Stand for what we have done. Acknowledge what we have done. And be judged on what we have done, if we have any chance for continued resurgence in 2016.”

    He directed the comments specifically at Democratic presidential candidates. “Some say that would amount to a third term of the president,” he added. “I call it sticking with what works.”

    Biden defended Obama’s 2008 stimulus, and singled out Republican critics, such as Rep. Paul Ryan and House Speaker John Boehner. “They were wrong, dead wrong,” he said. But he also criticized Democrats who have doubted the political viability of Obama’s economic policies.

    “It wasn’t that long ago that even members of my own party were saying our economic path hadn’t worked,” he said. “And they were looking to distance themselves between what the president and I had done and the policies we put in place. I think that would be a terrible mistake.”

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