• Black Artists Give Michael Brown Tribute At The Grammys

    Just one day before the 6 month mark since Mike Brown’s death in Ferguson, rapper Common and other performers at the Grammy Awards held their hands in the air in a “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” pose to honor Michael Brown.

    Since his death, professional race-batiers in the press and in Obama’s White House have successfully made Michael Brown the martyr he never deserved to be. It was all part of a pernicious campaign to stoke the flames of racial unrest, around the clock, in order to shape public opinion against officer Wilson’s version of events.

    It didn’t work.

    Despite their foolish efforts, “the investigation by the F.B.I., which is complete, found no evidence to support civil rights charges against the officer, Darren Wilson,” the New York Times reported.

    Michael Brown rushed officer Darren Wilson and attempted to take away his firearm. Brown was shot and killed because of his aggressive behavior. So there’s no reason for these tools to continue to push the proven false narrative that Michael Brown had his “hands up” and was surrendering.

    It’s a lie.

    “Earlier in the broadcast, Pharrell and his dancers did the same, mirroring the Ferguson protest during their performance of the Grammy-winning song ‘Happy,'” Variety reports.

    You can watch Common embarrass himself in the video above.

    Here’s the video clip of pollution pimp Pharrell holding his hands during his Grammy performance:

    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

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