• Two Copenhagen Terror Suspects Have Been Detained

    Danish officials said Monday that two men were detained on Sunday and are being held in custody after being charged with aiding the suspect in the Copenhagen terror attacks on Saturday.

    Danish media report that 22-year-old Omar El-Hussein, the suspected gunman, was shot dead by police after he opened fire at a Denmark cultural center. The attack took place during a debate on Islam and Free Speech, featuring an artist known for his mocking illustrations of the ‘Prophet’ Muhammad.

    Denmark’s Prime Minister told press that the gunman was not a member of a terror cell according to what was known so far.

    “This is not a conflict between Islam and the west,” she said. “This is a conflict between the core values of our society and violent extremists.”

    On Monday, officials said the shootings left a film director and a Jewish man dead and five police injured.

    The two men are being held, charged, and accused of providing and disposing of the weapon used in the shootings, as well as attempting to hide the gunman.

    Michael Juul Eriksen, a defense lawyer for one of the men, said they denied the charges.

    The suspects appeared in a closed custody hearing on Monday.

    Gunmen also lit up a synagogue in Copenhagen, injuring one civilian and two officers. Police have launched a large-scale manhunt for those responsible for the attacks. The national flag flew at half-mast on official buildings across the capital.

    Danish investigators have released a timeline of Saturday’s deadly events, which you can see below:

    • Saturday afternoon: gunman attacks free speech debate hosted by controversial cartoonist Lars Vilks
    • One man killed, three police injured
    • Gunman flees by car – suspected vehicle later found abandoned
    • Gunman calls taxi to take him to address in Norrebro district
    • Police use information from taxi driver to identify address and release CCTV images
    • After midnight on Sunday: gunman opens fire outside a Copenhagen synagogue, killing a Jewish man and wounding two police
    • 03:50 GMT Sunday: Police keeping Norrebro address under observation come under fire from a man
    • They fire back, shooting him dead
    • Police arrest two men on Sunday and later charge them with helping the gunman

    Here’s a map of the attacks that spread across the city:


    Denmark’s spy chief, Jens Madsen, said the gunman–a known figure because of past violence and gang-related activities–may have been trying to stage a copycat of the three day attacks in Paris last month, which began with a massacre of cartoonists of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and ended in a murderous siege at a kosher supermarket.

    “We cannot yet say anything concrete about the motive … but are considering that he might have been inspired by the events in Paris some weeks ago,” Madsen said.

    On Sunday, the European Jewish Association called for increased security of Jewish institutions across Europe. Rabbi Menachem Margolin, the general director, said European Union leaders had not done enough to combat antisemitism and prejudices before saturday’s  attacks.

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