• Chris Kyle Texted A Friend About His Killer Just Before His Death

    The trial has officially begun in the Chris Kyle murder case, and the deeper this case goes…the creepier it gets.

    Eddie Ray Routh is accused of murdering Chris Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield at a Texas shooting range and now the deceased hero’s text messages may serve as evidence in Routh’s insanity defense.

    New evidence in the trial is showing that during, what would be his last car-ride, Kyle was a little uneasy around Routh and sent a text to Littlefield allegedly saying “this dude is straight up nuts” before Kyle was murdered.

    From NY Post:

    In the hours before they died, both men were worried about the stranger they were taking shooting, text messages will show.

    “He’s sitting right behind me. Watch my six,” Littlefield replied in a return text to his buddy, using military parlance for “Watch my back.”

    In the year before the tragedy, Routh had been drinking heavily and smoking marijuana, and was prone to fits of paranoia, violence and uncontrollable crying, the defense says.

    During the last car ride of his life, the real-life sniper texted his friend and fellow veteran, Chad Littlefield, about Routh, the edgy ex-Marine in the back seat of their car — “This dude is straight up nuts.”

    When you look back, the text message exchange is deeply disturbing considering the events that would unfold shortly thereafter. Routh is hoping for a “Not Guilty” verdict and I hope that these texts don’t grant him that freedom.

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

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