• Deadly Shooting At Debate On ‘Islam’ And ‘Free Speech’

    A gunman opened fire Saturday on a Copenhagen, Denmark cultural center, killing one man and wounding three police officers, during a debate on the subject of Islam and Free Speech, which featured an artist who had drawn pictures mocking the ‘Prophet’ Muhammad.

    Lars Vilks, 68, is a Swedish artist who had faced several death threats for caricatures of the Prophet and was one of the main speakers at the event.

    There is no current claim of responsibility for the attack, but the shooting took place a month after Islamic terrorists killed 12 people at a satirical newspaper in Paris, which had also been known for it’s controversial depictions of Muhammad.

    From Yahoo News:

    Police initially said two suspects had fled the scene in a Volkswagen Polo. The car was found abandoned around two hours after the attack.

    After witness statements indicated there was just one attacker, police later said they were hunting for a lone gunman.

    Media reports said it was likely the gunman used an automatic rifle to fire as many rounds as possible in a short time.

    In what may be a related shooting, gunmen also lit up synagogue in Copenhagen today, injuring three people, including two cops. Police are now engaged in a large-scale manhunt for the shooters responsible for both incidents. We’ll have more info to report as it comes in.

    Video footage of one of the suspects can be seen above.

    Matt Schuck

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