• Did ISIS Get Inspiration From Twitter To Burn Pilot Alive?

    ISIS’s gruesome execution of Jordanian pilot Moadh al-Kasasbeh by burning him in a cage and then crushing him with a bulldozer may have been devised by the supporters on Twitter, according to a story in the Independent Journal Review.

    Shortly after Kasasbeh was captured on Dec. 24 last year, thousands of ISIS supporters took to Twitter to make suggestions in response to the grim hashtag (translated from Arabic) #SuggestAWayToKillTheSwineJordanianPilot.

    Ideas poured in by the hundreds. Some suggesting butchering the unfortunate pilot with knives or sickles.

    Another proposed impalement.

    One even suggested shooting him from a cannon.

    Unsurprisingly, burning was proposed by more than one person.

    There is no evidence the hashtag was created by ISIS leadership, and the many suggestions mean that Kasasbeh’s manner of death may have been coincidental, but there is one standout reason to believe his killers could have drawn direct inspiration from their online followers.

    According to the Daily Mail, one tweet suggested the unusual fate of crushing Kasasbeh with a bulldozer — and following his immolation, both Kasasbeh and the cage he was in were crushed by rubble dumped from a bulldozer. According to the video ISIS released of his death, this was done to make Kasasbeh’s death resemble those of people killed in airstrikes launched against ISIS.

    While Kasasbeh’s execution only became public on Tuesday, he was actually executed in late December or early January, only shortly after the Twitter campaign began, further increasing the possibility that ISIS may have looked there for inspiration.

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