• Drink Up! Study Says Drinking Alcohol May Reduce Heart Failure And Burn Fat

    And now for some good news.

    The question of whether having a couple of drinks a day keeps the doctor away is finally being answered by a new study.

    The “findings suggest that drinking alcohol in moderation does not contribute to an increased risk of heart failure and may even be protective,” said Dr. Scott Solomon, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and head researcher in the study. “No level of alcohol intake was associated with a higher risk of heart failure. However, heavy alcohol use is certainly a risk factor for deaths from any cause.”

    So while you think you’re making the “healthy” choice by turning down a drink, you’re actually putting yourself at risk.

    Want more good news?

    According to a new study published in the “Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry,” drinking red wine or red grape juice helps burn fat.

    “We did not expect, and we did not find, these compounds to improve body weight,” said Neil Shay, biochemist and molecular biologist at the Oregon State University in the United States. But, according to the study, drinking red wine or juice boosts fat burning by optimizing the liver’s function, especially in overweight people.

    There you have it. And from all of us here at Daily Surge, please, drink responsibly.


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    Jerome Hudson

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