• DELUSIONAL: Eric Holder On ISIS: ‘I Think We’re Winning’

    In a new interview, outgoing U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder says the U.S. is winning the fight against ISIS.

    “I think if you look at the recent battlefield successes that we had, plans that are underway with regard to Mosul for instance, the degradation of ISIL leadership, I think we are winning,” Holder told CBS News correspondent Jeff Pegues.

    “This is not a battle that’s gonna be won overnight. It will take time,” Holder added.

    Pegues also asked Holder if the U.S is “safer now than before this administration came into office?”

    “Al Qaeda core, I think, has been decimated but its offshoots are now things that we have to be concerned about that we were not concerned about, I think, when this administration started,” Holder said.

    “And then the homegrown—the homegrown component to this struggle is something that is new,” Holder said.

    Holder’s comments come just as news breaks that ISIS sympathizers have brutally hacked to death a prominent American blogger Avijit Roy, who founded the Mukto-Mona (Free-mind) blog site which posts secular writing in the majority-Mulsim nation of Bangladeshi.

    Holder’s comments also come on the heels of the FBI’s announcement that U.S. counter cyber terrorism agencies are “losing the battle” to “stop ISIS from spreading its merciless message online,” according to ABC News.

    Jerome Hudson

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