• Former U.S. Colonel Bashes Obama’s Defense Strategy

    Lt. Colonel Tony Schaefer didn’t mince words when he reacted to Resident Obama’s “strategic patience” approach laid out in his long-overdue national security strategy.

    Schaefer said the latest offering on national security from team Obama read like an uninformed fifteen year old had written it. Also, the colonel said the document, that supposedly outlined the U.S. “strategy” to combat radical Islam, lacked a key component…an actual strategy.

    We also talked about “LIAR-GATE,” the saga of NBC anchor Brian William’s struggle with the truth.

    Cue to 1:35:00 to hear Colonel Schaefer’s unvarnished take on Obama’s lackluster strategy to beat back radical Islamic terrorism.

    Chris Salcedo

    “Chris Salcedo is the “Liberty Loving Latino” heard and seen on The Blaze Radio and TV Network. He has over 20 years of experience in news and political analysis. Chris is the author of "Liberty Rises" and serves as the executive director of the Conservative Hispanic Society.

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