• Hookers, Cash, Parties And SWORDS: Top Ex-DOD Official Arrested For Massive Corruption Scheme

    An ex-senior Department of Defense official is in hot water for allegedly accepting cash and prostitutes, as one of the worst scandals in Navy history continues to unfurl.

    Paul Simpkins, a former top DOD official, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars to steer Navy contracts to Glenn Defense Marine Asia, a company under investigation for bribing multiple U.S. officials, the Associated Press reports.

    Simpkins allegedly accepted cash and gifts, including prostitutes, to allow GDMA special preference in contract awarding. Prosecutors say Simpkins collaborated with GDMA to allow the company to overcharge the Navy for services, and that he helped cover it up.

    This arrest is part of an ongoing investigation into GDMA bribing. So far, seven people have pled guilty with more arrests possible. (GUILTY: Navy Commander Busted For Hooker, Cash, Fancy Hotel Spying Scheme)

    Leonard Francis is the mastermind behind the operation. Known as “Fat Leonard,” he gained access to classified information and has confessed to bribing government officials to help his company, GDMA, in total costing the U.S. $20 million, the Los Angeles Times reports. Francis’s company has provided food, water, fuel, waste removal and parts for ships in Asia for 25 years.

    Prosecutors say bribed officials helped pad charges to the Navy, with some of that money going to lavish parties Francis would throw for the officials.

    Navy officials would reroute ships to dock in GDMA ports and help cover up overcharges that cost the U.S. millions, AP reports. In exchange, they received money in the form of cash and wire transfers, as well as luxurious gifts including top-shelf alcohol, ship models, prostitutes and ornamental swords.

    Prosecutors say the investigation is far from over.

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