• Justice Dept IG: Yes, It’s Totally Illegal To ‘Earmark’ Gov’t Positions For Family Members

    A government oversight report has uncovered a string of nepotism in INTERPOL Washington, the United States Central National Bureau of the international law enforcement organization.

    The Department of Justice Inspector General report found that multiple INTERPOL Washington top officials manipulated the hiring process to get jobs and internships for family and friends, some of whom were far from qualified.

    The report released Wednesday calls out former Executive Officer of INTERPOL Washington Warren Lewis for abusing his power in the organization to make sure his son was hired. He also pushed for the hiring of family friends even though they weren’t qualified for the job. The IG says Lewis violated Section 702 of the Standards of Ethical Conduct.

    The report says Lewis gave preferential treatment to his son’s application for an internship and later a job, asking subordinates to “provide extra attention to his processing for obvious reasons,” and “earmark a spot for him.”

    The ethics violation was exacerbated by the fact that Lewis is his son’s landlord, so a paid position would allow his son to pay rent and thus benefit his personal finances.

    Lewis also violated ethics code in trying to get three family friends jobs at INTERPOL Washington, even trying to get them in after they were deemed unqualified for the position, the report states.

    “Every action Lewis took with respect to the three individuals that he did not take with regard to the other applicants provided them with an advantage based solely on their association with Lewis’s family members,” the report states.

    But Lewis wasn’t alone in his corruption.

    The report says former Director Timothy Williams and former Chief of Staff Blair Deem used their power to get internships for friends and family, also a violation of Section 702.

    The IG has sent its findings to the Office of the Deputy Attorney General, who will consider disciplinary action.

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