• Looking For A New Ride? A Company Is Auctioning Military Humvees

    IronPlanet, one of the largest auction services for heavy equipment and trucks, is announcing a second round for selling off U.S. military Humvees beginning on Feb. 18.

    The public showing takes place from Feb. 11 to 13 in Kissimmee, Fla. IronPlanet held the first auction of its kind in December, which drew 111,000 online visitors, resulting in the sale of Humvees with prices as high as $41,000 dollars.

    “We typically have around 15,000 attendees at our auctions, but the last one in December, where we had 10 Humvees for sale, drew an incredible audience, and we’ve sold 93 Humvees in total so far,” Randy Berry, senior vice president of operations and services for IronPlanet, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. “That obviously demonstrates interest from the public.” (RELATED: Ever Wanted To Drive A Military Humvee? Bids Now Legal For Public)

    Last year, the Defense Logistics Agency, an agency within the Department of Defense responsible for supplying the military with services and equipment, handed IronPlanet the contract to dispose of the military Humvees as surplus stock. IronPlanet started auctioning off the Humvees starting in the fall.

    From the revenue generated, IronPlanet intends to donate part to the non-profit Fields of Honor, an organization which provides scholarships to military families.

    “We are thrilled that IronPlanet has chosen to give to Folds of Honor and help fund the many programs and scholarships that we provide to military families,” said Maj. Dan Rooney, Folds of Honor Founder. “The funds we raise provide life-changing support to the families of American service men and women. We truly appreciate being part of IronPlanet’s and Cat Auction Services’ Florida event and the upcoming GovPlanet auction.”

    IronPlanet and Cat Auction Services recently merged and are now set to put on the upcoming event, a move which has been subject to considerable backlash.

    A recent lawsuit from competitor International Construction Products is alleging that three major construction companies have colluded to keep it out of the market and is asking the U.S. district court to reverse the merger and grant compensatory and punitive damages. According to ICP, IronPlanet and Cat Auction Services merged to remove “any possibility that IronPlanet would deal with ICP or any other new entrants in the future.”

    But when asked whether the lawsuit would present any difficulties for the upcoming February auction, Berry stated, “Not at all. We don’t see that having any impact at all on this event.”

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