• WTF: Man Tries To Stop Armed Robbery, Ends Up Arrested

    In the great state of Wisconsin…sometimes pronounced “Wiscansan” (try it lol), a man is being charged with a felony after he tried to stop an armed robbery at a local bar.

    Early Monday morning, Jeff Steele was at a bar called King’s Korner when he saw a masked woman with a handgun pointed at the bartender demanding money. Steele, armed with a taser, decided to take action and protect the bartender and the restaurant by using a non-lethal form of defense, but instead was arrested after the incident and charged for not having a concealed carry permit.

    The infuriating details below:

    Steele is being charged with possession of an electronic weapon, which is a felony, because he doesn’t have a concealed carry permit for his Taser.

    “You can have it in your home and on your private property without a concealed carry permit, but you do need to keep a concealed carry permit to carry it out in public,” said Officer Lisa Barrix, with the La Crosse Police Department.

    “When I bought it off the Internet it said basically that it’s legal to have in the state of Wisconsin, but didn’t go into any depth on it, so I assumed that it was legal to carry around, otherwise why would you buy one to leave it at home? How is it for defense then?” Steele said.

    What’s more, Mr. Steele didn’t even use the taser on the suspect, according to the bartender. He flashed the taser and it was enough to scare the would-be robber from the scene.

    If you’re having a “WTF” moment…you’re not alone. This guy should be getting a pat on the back for putting his life on the line. He definitely should NOT be treated like a common criminal, but I’m guessing it would have been better to lure the robber into a “gun-free zone”.


    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

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