• Muslim Man Who Stabbed Two People Over Religious Question Won’t Be Charged With Hate Crime

    Do you remember the story of the Detroit Muslim man who stabbed two innocent civilians when he learned that they were not Muslim?

    Well, it looks like he got his first break when a Michigan prosecutor has declined to charge Terrence Lavaron Thomas with a hate crime.

    Because I guess stabbing people because of religious differences must be considered workplace violence?

    Thomas, 39, was at a local bus stop in Detroit when he asked two civilians if they were Muslim, and began stabbing them repeatedly with a 3-inch folding knife when he found out that they were not, in fact, Muslim.

    According to Biz Pac Review:

    The evidence doesn’t support a 2-year felony charge of ethnic intimidation, according to Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton, who said that the argument started over “bad breath and bad teeth” before it “deescalated to a physical altercation.”

    Because a “physical altercation” is now known as “multiple stab wounds” that were inflicted because the defendant was upset that the victims were not Muslims?

    Thomas has been charged with assault and attempted murder.

    Now imagine if the guy was a Christian, asked his victims if they believed Jesus Christ died and rose again… and once they said no, started stabbing them repeatedly.

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

    Matt Schuck is a staff writer for Daily Surge. He's a DC native who got his start in broadcasting doing stints at the legendary radio station DC101 and Hot 99.5, before being recruited by the Heritage Foundation to launch their first ever radio program. Matt has worked with SiriusXM, Phil Hendrie (Team America, Futurama), and as an executive producer for the John Fredericks Show.

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