• Obama’s Policies Go To The Moon And Back…LITERALLY!

    When I first read this that the Obama administration is requesting nearly $200 million dollars to build a “space fence”, I thought it was a joke…but unfortunately it’s the truth.

    Starting next year, the Defense Department’s space programs will likely spend $7 billion dollars on new spy programs from outer space to monitor “space debris and objects orbiting the earth”.

    So what this means, is that BHO would rather build a fence to have his need for Government overreach achieve interstellar levels, than secure our borders on earth.

    From Defense One:

    The budget requests $7 billion for Defense Department space programs. Expenditures for Navy satellite communications systems rose from $11 million to nearly $21 million. Spying from space also became more expensive. The request for space-based reconnaissance jumped from $78 million to $100 million this year. Architecture and support for space electronic warfare rose from $18 million to nearly $30 million. The Air Force space situation awareness program rose from $9 million to $32 million (in the form of two satellites) and the nation’s $200 million dollar “space fence” a system to track bits of space debris and objects orbiting the Earth, received more money, bringing the total cost for that program to $243 million.

    #thatawkwardmoment when you realize that Darth Vader is your President.

    Obama’s proposed Pentagon spending, by the way, would bust through the caps imposed by sequestration, which is the only thing providing a modicum of restraint since it was implemented a few years ago.

    Learn more about the space “fence” in the video above.

    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

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