• OUTRAGEOUS: 72-Year-Old-Man Facing 10 Years In Prison Over Antique Pistol

    Gordon van Gilder, a retired teacher and self-proclaimed history buff, is facing 10 years in prison and the loss of his pension over his possession of an unloaded antique flintlock pistol.

    The day after van Gilder told a deputy during a routine traffic stop about his antique gun, four law enforcement officers showed up at his house to arrest him, because New Jersey state law classifies antique firearms the same way it classifies regular guns.

    This means that Van Gilder is being treated the same way as someone who was carrying a loaded .357 magnum.

    For those who need a quick history lesson, a flintlock pistol dates back to the 17th century and were used in the American Civil War. During the first year of the war, Tennessee had over 2,000 flintlock muskets in service. Eventually technology advanced and the flintlocks simply became collectors items, one of the main reasons being it would take up to a whole minute to load one shot

    “As a wise man once said, if that’s the law, the law’s an ass” said van Gilder. He plans on fighting the felony charges but if convicted, he will be facing a mandatory minimum of 3-5 years without the possibility for parole.

    When did New Jersey become such wussies?

    Watch Van Gilder’s story above.

    Matt Schuck

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