• OUTRAGEOUS: Radical Feminist Group Compares Transgender Men to…WHAT!?

    If you thought that feminists and all liberals are for equality, social justice, and yada yada yada…You’ll never guess what these bra-burning females are now saying is offensive to them.

    According to an article on TMag, a new group has emerged to take the spotlight away from transgender men and back to women who were born into this world as a natural woman, rather than taking a trip to Dr. 90210.

    TERF, which stands for “Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist”, is arguing that men who pretend to be women is not only insulting to real women, but a form of “genital blackface”.

    From TMag:

    The TERF worldview can be loosely summarized as follows: So-called “trans women” are actually privileged males who use such privilege in an attempt to co-opt women’s historical suffering without enduring any of the social stigma attendant to bleeding for five days a month without dying. They are essentially delusional men who wear dresses or, in some cases, mutilate their genitals in a near-suicidal quest to validate their delusions. Trannies should under no circumstances be able to use women’s bathrooms or attend events that are exclusively designed for women. For trannies to invade such female-designated “safe spaces” is at best intrusive, at worst yet another form of rape. Since “gender” is a social construct and “femininity” is a patriarchal imposition, transsexuals are merely reinforcing anti-female memes by aping sexist stereotypes of how women should behave. Therefore it is they, and not the TERFs, who are the true reactionaries.

    As a typical male, I have no dog in this fight, but it really struck me as odd for a hyper-liberal feminist group to compare people from the LGBT community to something as sensitive as “blackface”.

    Perhaps Al Sharpton can send them a history book.


    Matt Schuck

    Staff Writer

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