• Phil Robertson Goes After Boehner in CPAC Speech

    Phil Robertson, the always blunt patriarch of the Duck Dynasty clan, had choice words for John Boehner at this year’s CPAC.

    And it involved dress code, out of all things.

    “I’ve never got around to buying a suit. Not yet. I’m 68,” Robertson told the crowd, which responded with laughter. He told the audience that he was wearing his best wardrobe already.

    More laughter.

    Then came the shot at Boehner. (Video above.)

    “Regardless of me not being able to go on the floor of the House of Representatives without a suit on, according to ol’ John Boehner… Boehner, here’s a newsflash: Just make sure you pass good bills coming out of that House, that affects my life, and don’t worry about the clothes on their backs — just pass good legislation.”

    Rousing applause.

    Robertson’s line about good legislation comes as Boehner is frantically trying to find enough votes to fund the Department of Homeland Security for three more weeks, including President Obama’s unlawful executive actions on illegal immigration.

    Robertson wasn’t done, however. He also gave advice to the potential GOP presidential contenders. To avoid scandal, he said, always “carry with you your Bible, and carry your woman.”

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