• Pro-Hamas University Of California Students Chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ During Anti-Israel Vote

    A bevy of pro-Hamas students at the University of California at Davis chanted “Allahu akbar” toward Jewish students during a student government meeting where the pro-Palistine group was holding a vote calling on the college to divest from companies that do business in Israel.

    This anti-Semitic behavior has been trending at UC campuses for some time. The meeting shown in the video above resulted in an 8 to 2 vote which passed the resolution last Thursday. It’s just the latest in a series of council resolutions passed by students at UC campuses at Berkeley, San Diego, Santa Cruz, Irvine, and Riverside.

    The “Allahu akbar” chant, meaning “God is greater” or “God is the greatest,” was spewed just as pro-Israeli students exited the auditorium. You can see the students waving Palestinian flags as the chant their filth. The infamous chant is a sort of calling card frequently used by Islamic terrorists or extremist groups during rallies or when they’re about to commit a deadly act of violence.

    The passing of last week’s resolution was all part of a broader “BDS” (boycott, divestment, sanctions) movement which seeks to isolate Israel globally. The campaign at UC Davis is sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine.

    One student senator, Azka Fayyaz, was openly ecstatic over the successful vote, saying “Hamas and Sharia law have taken over UC Davis,” according to the Clarion Project reports.

    Hamas is recognized internationally as a terrorist organization. It has for years fired thousands of rockets into Israeli cities. Hamas openly supports killing and kidnapping Israeli civilians.

    “Israel will fall insha’Allah,” Fayyaz later posted on Facebook.

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    Jerome Hudson

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